Washington Requires Face Masks in Restaurants

Starting July 7, businesses will be required to ensure their customers or clients are wearing face coverings, the governor announced today. This is similar to the order that has been in place in Yakima. This requirement will be monitored by the state Department of Labor & Industries. There are exemptions to the previous Department of Health order, including people with certain disabilities or health conditions, people who are deaf or hard of hearing and children under the age of 2. The order does not require you to document or prove a reason for not wearing a face covering. If a business won’t allow you to enter their office or store, ask them what accommodations they can provide such as curbside pick-up, delivery or virtual meeting options.

The governor has also put a pause on all county applications to reopen due to high levels of #COVID19 activity across the state. Counties will remain in their current phase for at least the next two weeks.

Finally even Vice President Mike Pence agrees, we know from experience that wearing masks reduces the spread of the coronavirus. 

Florida, Texas and California just closed bars in several counties because of increased new cases of Covid-19. 

PLEASE wear a mask when you are near other people. Period. And when you come into the 5 Point, we require you to wear one unless you are seated. This means when you get up to use the bathroom and when you are leaving. It’s the law. And it will protect our staff and other customers from getting sick. 

If all of you do this, we won’t have to close again. If you don’t we will. And if we have to close again there might not be a reopening. Just keep that in mind when you visit places you love. If you won’t wear a mask, you could be responsible for putting that place out of business. 

Wearing a mask won’t just keep you and others people from dying, it will keep your favorite locally owned business from dying too. 

AND, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A MASK WITH YOU AND WANT TO COME IN, JUST ASK US FOR A MASK. THANKS TO Public Health – Seattle & King County WE HAVE MASKS TO GIVE YOU. Please don’t make our staff become mask police. Just ask for one and wear it. (or be creative like the photo attached).

Don’t be a Dick. Wear a mask.

– David Meinert

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